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Our mission is to Keep Our Clients Name Out of the News! Data(base) security is what we do.   By implementing Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tools such as IBM Guardium we are able captures and analyzes database events and create alerts on policy violations in near real-time.  It is different than any other intrusion detection system or data loss prevention system because it’s an information security technology that is wholly database focused.

Adaptive is client-driven. Our firm is comprised of individuals who collectively have over 30+ years of experience in information security and data(base) security in particular. We identify candidates who fit ideally into both our Corporate and Cultural environments.

Why Use DAM?

Security is the main reason and to be able to detect misuse is another driving factor. Insider threat detection was and is till is very important to any organization; to be able to see when sensitive information was accessed or maybe leaked out.   More common now is being able to detect SQL injections.  DAM is used for Business Process enforcement such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. and is also used for security event audits.

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