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Change Ticket Auto-reconciliation

Posted on: January 24, 2017

Change Ticket Auto-reconciliation

Many organizations, to meet audit requirements, spend an inordinate amount of time collecting all the changes from Guardium and reconcile these changes with their ticketing system to identify approved and unauthorized changes.

We at Adaptive Systems have developed a change ticket auto-reconciliation capability that allows organizations to track all database changes with ticket IDs from existing change ticketing system like BMC Remedy to quickly reconcile changes with approved tickets. This customized solution helps organizations to identify and investigate changes that were made without approved change ticket IDs or outside of authorized change periods.

Here are the Highlights:

  • Database changes captured by Guadium automatically reconciles with approved change records
  • Integrates with existing change ticket system
  • Transparent to users and no extra action required by database user
  • No leaning or training required for users of databases
  • Identifies approved and Unauthorized changes
  • As an option, we can integrate with existing external databases to identify user who made change with management approval.
  • Meets auditors requirements to report on Unauthorized changes to PII, PCI, SOX, etc. data sources
  • Reports are color coded to easily differentiate between approved changes (Green) and Unauthorized Changes (Red)

If this is something your organization would like to explore?  Give us a call and we can discuss the deliverables and also talk about some of the pre-requisites.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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