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Adaptive Systems is made up of security professionals and ex-DBA who understand the complexities of databases as well as the sensitive unstructured data in documents and file systems.  Data is your company’s crown jewels and it’s everywhere.  It’s not easy knowing where all your data is, how and who is accessing it!   Which is why its very important to have a holistic approach to data protection.

Your company’s data protection strategy should include all of the below:

  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)
  • User Access Control and Permission Visibility
  • File Activity Monitoring (FAM)
  • DLP (network, end-point and storage/DAR)
  • Vulnerability Assessment (database & files)
  • Data Discovery and Classification
  • Data Encryption, masking, tokenization and security key management

Many companies are realizing they need help with Data Protection.  Not having the skilled resource in the market is no excuse for data breaches.  That’s where we come in. Think of us as an extension of your security team.  We can help you architect and implement as well as manage data protection programs such as DAM, Data Discovery, Vulnerability Assessments, User Access/Entitlements and help you with regulations such as SOX/JSOX, PCI/PII, NYDFS, HIPAA/PHI and GDPR.

Our team is comprised of ex-DBAs who understand databases and know how data is handled which gives them more insights in to how data should be protected.  It’s not just important to knowing how the tool works but it’s more important to know how and why the data is and that’s where it needs to be protected…and data is everywhere!