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Data Security & Privacy

The importance of data security and privacy seems obvious especially since its everyday we hear of a data breach in the news.   And it gets more challenging as the amount of data increases and the need to access it faster.   With the need to protect data so urgent that companies should look at the lowest hanging fruit first such as vulnerability assessments and data discovery (know where your sensitive data is) and user access/entitlement reports. Most breaches can be prevented with proper configuration. Regulations such as GDPR will driving the enterprise space to adopt more data security technologies like Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and Data Encryption.

Compliance and Regulations

GDPR seems to be on everyone’s mind these days and understandably so.  We strongly urge our clients to conduct a data discovery and classification project as soon as possible.  Only when you know where your data is, that’s when you’ll be best able to comply with regulations such as GDPR, NYDFS, PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX.

GDPR Security Requirements

  • Manage and implement Security Program Practices such as risk assessment, roles and responsibilities, program effectiveness
  • Document Security program – Ongoing monitoring, assessment, evaluation and reporting of security controls and activities

Database Monitoring Solutions

Database activity monitoring (DAM) captures and analyzes database events in near real time, and creates an alert on policy violations.

It is different than any other intrusion detection system or data loss prevention systems because it’s an infosec technology that is wholly database focused.  It looks into SQL queries and is able to determine not just look at the specific tables but is able to do a whole lot more such as business process analysis and be able to infer when someone is misusing the database and filters that from normal database activity.

Adaptive Systems has a strong professional services team exclusively focused on providing services using IBM InfoSphere Guardium Activity Monitoring for clients in Financial Services, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare.

Below is a partial list of IBM InfoSphere Guardium Activity Monitoring projects our team has conducted:

  • Deployed IBM InfoSphere Guardium v10.x for a large retail client
  • Upgraded IBM InfoSphere Guardium v8.x and v9.x to v10.x for large insurance company
  • Installing 1000+ IBM InfoSphere Guardium STAPs for an insurance company
  • Integrating ServiceNow and LDAP with IBM InfoSphere Guardium for a major retailer
  • White Noise reduction and policy enhancement for a health care company
  • Implementing DB2i monitoring using IBM InfoSphere Guardium for a regional bank
  • Guardium Health Check for an insurance company
  • Providing day-to-day administration (managed services) for IBM InfoSphere Guardium for several clients in the financial services and retail industry

Please Contact Us if we can help your organization with IBM InfoSphere Guardium.

Data Security & Privacy