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Your Data Protection Experts

database security expertsWe work harder, smarter, and longer than anyone else. Because of our dedication, we deliver excellent results.

At Adaptive Systems, our mission is to Keep Our Clients Name Out of the News!  As an IBM Security Business Partner, Data Protection is what we do. We are one of the top companies specializing in data security today.

Many companies are realizing they need help with Data Protection.  Not having the skilled resource in the market is no excuse for data breaches.  That’s where we come in. Think of us as an extension of your security team.  We can help you architect and implement as well as manage data protection programs such as DAM, Data Discovery, Vulnerability Assessments, User Access/Entitlements and help you with regulations such as SOX, PCI/PII, NYDFS, HIPAA and GDPR.

The team of security experts at Adaptive Systems is client-driven. Our firm is comprised of individuals who collectively have over 30+ years of experience in information security.



Components of a Data Protection Program.

  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)
    • Create Policies, rules, reports and alerts using IBM Guardium to monitor your databases and privileged users
    • Regulatory compliance (SOX, PCI/PII, HIPAA, NY DFS, GDPR)
    • Reports reveal SQL Errors and Failed logins and much, much more…
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Network DLP – nDLP
    • Endpoint DLP – eDLP
    • Storage DLP a.k.a. DAR
  • File Activity Monitoring (FAM)
    • Monitoring who has access to file Share as well as Windows and Unix file systems
  • Data Encryption / Masking / Tokenization
    • More and more regulations such as NY DFS and GDPR are making data encryption and/or pseudonymization a must.
    • Security key management
  • Database / File Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
    • Continuously testing databases and file systems for current patch levels and user access (entitlements).

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