Monitor and Control Your Personal Data in Light of the GDPR

Understanding why and where personal data is stored and how it is being accessed within your organisation is an essential element of GDPR readiness and compliance.  But when personal data is spread across hundreds of different systems and platforms, it can be a big challenge for your organisation to manage this duty and risk in a consistent and efficient manner across the enterprise. Can machine learning and cognitive capabilities help you accelerate your journey here?

In this webcast Capgemini and IBM will review the potential implications of GDPR and how our services and solutions are  helping organizations as they accelerate how they address these challenges.

Main take-aways:

  • Insight into potential implications of the GDPR for your organization
  • Services and technological solution accelerators
  • Practical examples of project challenges and lessons learned

Notice: IBM does not provide GDPR advice. Its products, services and other capabilities are not responsible for client compliance with regard to any law or regulation.

When: Sept 26, 2017   11 AM EST

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